Private lessons

In private lessons, our instructors teach participants one-on-one in accordance with their purposes or targets such as get-in-shape or dieting.
The programs are provided by advance reservation only and in accordance with the participant’s schedule, so you can do exercises without worrying about others. The private lessons have advance reservation system and the available time for reservation is from 9:00 to 22:00 (365 days a year).
Short-term intensive lessons are also available.

Practical examples


Example 1. Dieting, Get-in-shape
Our instructors give female participants guidance on how to get in shape by using the movements of kickboxing.
The instructors interview each participant about her ideal body or body parts she wish to tone up and create a list of exercises suited to such requests. They also provide dietary instructions or advice in addition to the exercises.
(Photo: lost weight of 5 kg in a month)


Example 2. Kickboxing exercise
Our instructors give you guidance in accordance with your request such as “I want to hit a mitt in a cool way”, “I want to practice combinations or techniques more suited to myself” or “I want to hit a mitt without worrying about others”, in addition to the guidance given in each class.

Example 3. Others (Self-defense, technical guidance on martial arts)
Martial artists who serve as instructors at Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS and active martial artists give you one-on-one technical and practical guidance which they do not give in regular classes.
(* The guidance mainly focuses on kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu, but we also give guidance on self-defense or other grappling in accordance with your request.)

Flow of private lessons

  1. Counseling
    In the first lesson, our instructor confirms your past sport experience, current body condition, daily exercises and work situation, etc. and listens to your request, purpose and target. Please feel free to make your request or explain your current status in order for you to achieve your target while you continue to do exercise or diet without pushing yourself. The instructor considers the details of your lesson and diet to improve the effectiveness.
  2. Lesson
    Before starting a lesson, our instructor confirms your body and health condition on the day. The instructor gives you a private lesson by building the lesson structure in accordance with the details of the private lesson prepared on the basis of the counseling with you and your condition on the day.
  3. Stretching and confirmation of body condition
    As a matter of course, a lesson is important. But aftercare for your body is also important after the lesson. Our instructor confirms again your body condition, giving guidance on your stretching in a careful way. Please feel free to ask any questions about diet, etc.

1. Counseling

2. Lesson

3. Stretching and confirmation of body condition

Service fees

For non-member (4 lessons per month)

Initial fee

0 JPY (free of charge)

Monthly service fee

28,000 JPY per month

  • The service fee is fixed up to 4 lessons per month. If you cannot take 4 lessons, the remaining lessons will be carried over to the following month.
  • If you take more than 4 lessons per month, you have to pay 5,500 JPY per lesson in cash as an additional fee.
  • A group lesson for a few people is also available. The service fee per lesson is 4,400 JPY per person.

For HEARTS member

Service fee

– General members, male students: 4,950 JPY per hour
– Females: 5,500 JPY per hour

* The service fee for a private trial lesson is 6,000 JPY (only available 1 time per person)