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I am a beginner at martial arts, but can I join a beginners’ class?

Yes! Of course, you can join it. Half of our members started the martial arts as beginners.

About what percentage of your students is female? Which class has a lot of female students?

For Shinjuku gym, the female percentage is about10%, and for Komazasa gym, it is about 30%.
Female students tend to participate in the fitness classes or beginners’ kickboxing classes.

Your trainers are professional martial artists, but do they teach me kindly and carefully?

All trainers are kind and they strive to give lessons to convey the fun of the martial arts.

I did karate in my childhood, so I want to do martial arts in earnest. How strong will I become if I join a regular class?

It depends on your level as an experiencer, but we think that you could participate in a match for amateurs in about 1 year.

Can I aim to become a professional martial artist? How can I become a professional?

For your becoming a professional, you have to achieve goods results in amateur tournaments.

The basic trainings are important, but I want to spar as soon as possible. How long will it take for me to start sparring?

In the kickboxing class, only light sparring is available, but you can immediately start sparring after you work out several times. As for Jiu-jitsu or grappling, you will start it with more skilled athletes little by little after you work out several times.

I want to go to the gym for weight reduction and stress release. I don’t want to learn martial arts earnestly, but do you have any problems with it?

Of course not. No problem. Almost all members come to the gym to do exercises with enjoyment.

Recently, I have not done exercises, so I am worried about injuries. Do you have a lot of accidents causing heavy injuries which may affect members’ work or life?

We do not warrant that no accidents would occur due to the nature of the martial arts, but the accidents which lead to heavy injuries rarely occur. Our instructors carefully supervise the whole class to prevent any accidents.

Do you have showers?

The Shinjuku gym and Komazawa gym have 1 shower respectively.

Do you have any events other than classes or any interactions with other students?

Currently, we have no events due to the new corona virus pandemic, but all members used to go to see the matches to cheer for the participants. If the pandemic is over, we plan to hold drinking parties again as we used to do so.

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