Flow of trial lessons

Trial lessons

You are always welcome to take a trial lesson! Please come to your preferred class after confirming its schedule. You can join the class without any reservation, but we can guide you to the class more carefully if you make a reservation in advance.

Service fee 2,200 JPY per lesson
* This fee will be refunded in full as cashback to any person who has joined the gym.

Reservation of and application for trial lessons

For any reservation of or application for your trial lesson, please contact us through our LINE official account, by phone or by e-mail.


Please inform us of your preferred gym, class and date and time through LINE after adding the LINE official account of Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS to your friends list and

LINE official account @282pasif



Please directly call us during the business hours of the gym where you wish to take a lesson.

Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS (Shinjuku)
HEARTS KIX (Shinjuku)
HEARTS KIX (Komazawa) 03-6805-3044


Please press the send button after filling out the following e-mail form.

    Gym you prefer

    How to join our gym

    If you wish to join our gym, please directly visit HEARTS with the following things.
    You can conduct the procedures for joining our gym at Wajutsu Keishukai HEARTS (Shinjuku), HEARTS KIX (Shinjuku) or HEARTS KIX (Komazawa).
    • Identification card/certificate (for students, student ID card/certificate);
    • Cash card for your account of the financial institution;
    • Registered seal for your account of the financial institution;
    • Initial fee + Monthly membership fee for the month of your joining the gym (to be calculated on a pro-rata basis) + Monthly membership fee for the following month;
    • Expenses for Sports Safety Insurance (2,000 JPY per year);
    • Wear without metallic parts; and
    • Uniform (for persons who wish to join a Jiu-jitsu class).

    How to leave our gym

    You can conduct the procedures for leaving our gym only at the gym (We do not accept the procedures by phone or e-mail.)
    If you wish to leave the gym, please come to the gym by yourself by the end of the month immediately preceding the month of your leaving the gym.
    If you cannot visit the gym on your own, your agent can conduct the procedures.
    If there remain any fees or expenses unpaid by you to the gym, you cannot leave the gym until the complete payment of such fees or expenses to the gym.