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Woman in her 10s

When I visited the gym to look it around, I got into the martial arts!

Until then, I had thought that I would be alien to the martial arts, having a bad image of them as a kind of quarrels in the streets. This year, I watched a New Year’s TV program where my favorite person was doing the martial arts, which got me interested in the martial arts. Then, I visited KIX just to tour it. Initially, I never imagined that I would become addicted to the martial arts so much or that I would watch programs of the martial arts on YouTube every day.
I guess that a lot of people may have a bad image of the martial arts, but if you try them, they are highly addictive, and you could become popular at your school only by saying that you are doing the martial arts!
My friends say that my personality has become cheerful after joining KIX, and I feel like everything going well! You can visit KIX every day or you don’t have to do so. The gym is attractive for me as a high-school student due to such ease to visit. Though only half a year has passed since my joining the gym, my body fat percentage has dropped by 7%, which has enabled me to move more smoothly in playing basketball as an extracurricular activity in my school.
Other members as well as my instructors are kind to me, doing muscle trainings together with me or teaching me the skills. This gym is different from any general gym where a member does muscle trainings by him/herself. The attractiveness of this gym for me is to make efforts together with other members and instructors, which makes me keep up my motivation and continue to do trainings.
This gym seems to have a lot of bad persons, but actually, it is not true at all. It is full of kind and funny persons who warmly accept me as a female high-school student. If you join KIX, you can find its advantages, I believe.